Plant Styling

We don't just hire our plants. We can help you find the perfect forever plant to liven your home or office.

Short Term Hire

Our short term packages suit those wishing to green their space for an event, meeting, real estate or photography shoot.

Long Term Hire

Our long term hire packages suit those wanting a more permanent supply of green to their space. We visit weekly to maintain the lushness, and can switch plants to keep things fresh.

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We love our plants so much,

we want to share them!

Breathe better. work better.

We spend so much time indoors now, especially here in Ballarat! Indoor plants remove nasty toxins and release oxygen into our environment. Fewer toxins indoors results in fewer sick days, and greater oxygen flow results in greater productivity! Having plants in work spaces has been known to reduce stress and anxiety. Also, they just look so good!


Obligation Free Consultation.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or would like us to visit your space to discuss some options.